The Butterfly Circle

The Butterfly Circle, is a circle of women who will support one another in a safe place for deep inner and deep outer work through love, laughter & sisterhood.

We will work together to put everything that is known aside, and embrace an entire new way of being, choosing new paths, and choosing our destiny.

Through this bond we will discover mental and emotional maturity, the understanding of the deeper meaning of life, and living IN the moment without regrets.

This ministry will be led by our very own Mika Rodriguez. Mika has 8+ yearsí experience in creating, leading& assisting in healing & spiritual sessions in the privacy of her home, on-site as well as Womenís Wellness Weekends sponsored by YMCA.

Mika is also, a Reiki Master Teacher, mother & wife.

Questions: 347-596-9401 or

We meet the 1st Wed of the month. No reservations. Click on link for next event.
Celebrating Samhain "The Beginning of the Spiritual New Year"