1. Sacramental Preparation for Teen or Adult Confirmation/ Reception is offered periodically, normally in advance of Bishop's Visits to the parish.

The Teen Confirmation program is an 8-9 mo. comprehensive program, inc. required worship, study, and service. The minimum grade level for Candidates is 9th grade. Each Candidate must have an adult sponsor/mentor. (For complete details, please call the office.)

Inquirer's Classes for adult preparation are normally 6-8 weeks of classes, with reading homework.

If there are Candidates interested in being Confirmed/Received at a time when a parish Bishop's Visit is not scheduled, and therefore, no education program is being offered, we can provide information for diocesan dates of Initiation and preparation.

For the next regularly scheduled parish Visitation, or Diocesan schedule, please call or write the office.

2. Topical Adult education offerings vary widely in frequency, duration, and subjects. Most (not all) classes are led by the Rector, include some background reading, and emphasize discussion. Most classes are informed by an interfaith/ interspiritual perspective. Generally, classes have met 4-6 wks, sometimes longer.

Topics have ranged from>to:
  • Remedial Christianity
  • various aspects of Body-Mind-Spirit spirituality and healing
  • studying the Gospel Birth Narratives
  • study of 'The DaVinci Code' along with the Gospel of Mary of Magdala
  • an End of Life series on practical issues related to death
  • Bereavement Support Groups (led by Sandy Galganowicz);
  • an experiential prayer/meditation how-to series
  • occasional liturgy studies and explorations.